Our History

We are a Material testing Laboratory, based in Montreal, Canada.  We like to keep our staff up to date with new technology and new findings, especially in the field of fuels given that we work with them the most. We take great interest in doing the best job we possibly can and we keep sharpening our skills constantly.

We have the most highly qualified personnel, all with a keen interest for research pertaining to oil and its derivatives, with a knack for experimenting in new more effective ways to improve the quality and performance of materials. We strive to keep ourselves and our entire staff of scientists up to outstanding levels, in order to stay ahead of our competitors.

In the end, our main goal is ensuring that our customers are able to produce high-quality products, putting our expertise to use, in what is our passion. We thrive in the approval of the companies that seek our help, and in the fact that they oftentimes realize that there was a better formula to make their products.

At Stetson Gas & Oil, we always try to provide the best possible service, and we enjoy the customer care part of businesses as much as we enjoy our work in the lab. One of our main policies is to work closely with the people that hire us, so we’re not just some people in lab coats somewhere. We’re actually your best ally when it comes to the fabrication of your fuel based products.