Is Coal the Best Fossil Fuel to Exploit? 4 Reasons Why it Isn’t

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Overall, it is more environmentally friendly to extract and burn natural gas than coal. While other fossil fuels are sometimes more damaging and polluting, natural gas production through hydraulic fracturing has many additional negative environmental consequences.

And it’s no secret for anyone that coal is one of the main causes of the deterioration of the ozone layer, in addition to contributing to global warming.

We can also see that every day new technologies emerge, aiming at trying to minimize all the damage that carbon emissions do in our planet, day after day scientists from all over the world join their efforts to create new technologies, with revolutionary ideas to replace once and for all, the fossil fuels (among them coal) that produce such high levels of pollution. Here we will tell you some causes of because coal is a problem.

Water Pollution

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Coal extraction and burning contribute substantially to water pollution. Clean air and other laws, force many industries to clean up carbon emissions with certain types of gases, but it is now very difficult to clean the water once it has been contaminated by carbon emissions, and this is one of the main problems in a future where we could all live intoxicated by coal and other chemicals.

Acid Rain

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Unlike natural gas, carbon and oil emissions may cause acid rain, which is formed when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with the hydroxyl radicals in the environment.

A very serious problem that, at industrial quantities, affects each area of the world’s population, acid rain is irritating and durable, so lowering the degrees of pollution in it is still too difficult today.

Acid Mine Drainage

Another major impact coal mining has in regional water quality is a runoff, called more technically, Acid Mine Drainage, from active and retired coal mines, in addition to being the main source of pollution from fountains, streams, and rivers throughout the mid-Atlantic.

This runoff has killed several species of fish and thus reduced the level of fishing in some areas.

Coal Mining

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There has been a recent increase in coal mining in certain parts of the country, so hundreds of forests have been destroyed in order to extract the desired material, and that is how the mountains are destroyed, given that they use explosives to reach the depths of the subsoil. A dangerous practice that has claimed many lives but also endangers the flora and fauna

Here we see the real damage that coal extraction makes all around the world. It is proven that it is not a type of clean energy and more to help the world harms it, even more, thus producing a vicious circle of where we will have to leave our planet if we do not seek valid alternatives that protect nature. That being said, several organizations are trying to do this.

However, it is necessary to be careful because certain energy sources can be much more damaging than coal if they are not monitored properly, and really the last thing we and our planet need, is more complications deriving from our way of life.