Top 3 Most Polluting Fossil Fuel to Transport

While it is no secret that the use of fossil fuels themselves is highly contaminant, oftentimes we tend to overlook the fact that even just from getting them from one place to the other, they leave a huge carbon print behind, and that we all know is terribly hard to revert. This is why we decided to review the X most polluting fossil fuels to transport, so you end up with a bit more knowledge.

Natural Gas

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Although natural gas itself isn’t as polluting as coal, it is transported via huge pipelines. Now, you might think this is better than having it carried around in vehicles, but as it turns out, there are too many dangers, as the pipelines aren’t really taken care of properly, and they are often riddled with methane leakages.


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This big dark bulky source of energy is the main concern for all those that want to protect our environment and way of life. Yet not only does it pollute our planet as it is being used, but it also greatly contaminates the environment as it’s being transported from the mines, back to the power plants.

The coal is transported via railroads mostly, and it leaves a few carbon prints on its way, along with carbon dust, polluting our soil, our water, and our air. Dust can fly anywhere, so you’ll understand why this is such a complication.


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The main issue with transporting oil is that it leaks. It simply leaks from everywhere, whether it is a super tank by sea, or a pipeline under the ground, even trucks on land. It is just so slippery and tricky to contain that we haven’t really found a fail-safe way of getting it from point A to point B without it spilling over the cracks.

It is true that we depend on fossil fuels for a broad variety of things in our lives. But perhaps we should give serious thought as to how much we also need to live in a clean environment. Free of polluting pipelines and gas and oil leakages as well as no coal dust to be breath into our lungs.